Hello. I am Josefine. I work with digital solutions. A wide topic yes, but therefore exciting. I especially love to work with storytelling and creative projects without major boundaries.



My name is Josefine Meinert Pedersen, I am 24 and I live in Aarhus, where I am taking my bachelor in digital concept development. The program covers knowledge in e-commerce, project management, concept development and user studies. This summer I will begin my last internship, which means that I am right now looking for the perfect place.

In addition to my studies, I work as a student worker in the digital company Beneath, as a digital designer with 7 skilled guys. Beneath is a part of Novicell. In the timeframe i have spent working there, I have been doing everything from newsletters, image editing, social media, layout to various graphic tasks. I feel like i am developing my skills more each day i'm there.

I graduated Multimedia design, with the main focus on programming, business analysis, communication and design, all with a digital point of view. While studying Multimedia design, I occasionally held lectures for U-days for new potential students at Business Academy Aarhus, where I talked about my experiences with the program, showed my projects and answered questions.



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Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash.

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HTML5, CSS3, responsive webdesign, WordPress. Knowledge of Bootstrap, javaScript and PHP.

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MailChimp. Concept Development methods. Project Management tools. Relationship Marketing. Gamification. Storytelling. User studies. Webdesign.


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If you are interested in working with me, simply just reach out here or use josefinemeinert@gmail.com, and I'll get back to you.